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stockings made in Italy

Alberto Ghelfi

Alberto Ghelfi
 Alberto Ghelfi was born on October 27, 1961 in Mantua, from a doctor father and a housewife mother.
He decides to abandon his veterinary studies to take the path of entrepreneurship; always attracted to the world of industry decided in 1993 with his wife Ida Bombana, who died prematurely in 2006, to start, using only their own resources, manufacturing medical compression stockings.
Thus began a series of research in the field of graduated compression hosiery and analysis of foreign markets that lead Alberto Ghelfi to identify the products and countries to focus his commercial efforts.
Participation in international fairs leads him to travel all over the world and to make himself known immediately for his seriousness and determination in achieving the important goals set.
He invests in qualified personnel with the aim of reaching a high-quality target.
The commitment and determination of Alberto Ghelfi and his staff lead Sanyleg to reach export quotas of 90% and to become the world leader in the production of "Private Label" medical stockings recognized as a synonym of excellence.
In 2010 he decided to invest in a new production line of graduated compression socks in the sports sector. This choice leads Sanyleg to be today among the most important producers of graduated compression socks also for sport.
Lover of nature, the sea and sailing, in 2021 he decides to invest in the food and wine sector by choosing the Bolgheri area in Tuscany for this purpose.
He identifies a farm to produce Bolgheri DOC wine and Bolgheri IGP Evoo, also suitable for tourist accommodation and, in June 2021, "Terre dei Ghelfi" was born.
He goes in search of the most important and well-known professionals in the area, with whom he immediately finds an understanding and identifies with them the way to go to follow the philosophy that distinguishes him: the pursuit of excellence.

With commitment, humility, and perseverance he begins this new path, supported by trusted people who have always believed in him and followed him in all his projects.
Today all these companies are part of a group (Arnaud Holding srl) still entirely owned and personally controlled by Alberto Ghelfi.
"Aware that it is not possible to achieve perfection, I enjoy producing excellence"
Alberto Ghelfi