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anti-embolism stockings

Anti-embolism line

A line of stockings dedicated to the prophylaxis of thrombus embolism before, during and after surgery. Thanks to the decreasing graduated compression, these stockings are a valuable aid in preventing the increase in blood viscosity with consequent thrombus formation. Much attention has been paid to the high elasticity of the yarns, to allow a good fit and correct gradual compression.

• Valid help in the prevention of thromboembolism associated with surgery.
• Treatments related to post-traumatic therapies.
• Hydrostatic edema, bruises and sprains.
• Local dermatitis, erythema, necrosis.
• Stripping, pulmonary edema, grafts.
• Vascular disorders of cardiac origin.
• Legs with accentuated circumferences.

• Decreasing compression from ankle to thigh.
• True anatomic heel.
• Very soft and elastic yarn, antiallergic (latex free).
• Inspection hole in the upper part of the foot.


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