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Calze Sanyleg: technical characteristics

Thirty years of experience in the production of stockings and tights has allowed Sanyleg to obtain specialized articles of high technical quality, with particular attention to elegance, naturally combining two historically distant elements in the field of graduated compression stockings: well-being and style.
Sanyleg stockings and tights have been studied in detail to meet the various needs and different areas of application.
These garments must ensure a correct degree of compression along the entire leg, with structural support to the venous system such as to be able to re-establish the competence of the valve system, favoring normal venous flow; contrasting with its tensive force to the increased capillary pressure, the elastic pantyhose prevents the formation of edema, thanks to the graduated compression mechanism.
How is graduated compression achieved in practice? Through a caliber reduction, ideal for an increase in flow rate with a reduction in viscosity. And it is in this way that the specific support function of the elastic tights is connected.
At this point one can truly understand how important and difficult it is to conceive, design, and produce high quality elastic stockings capable of coping with all these physiological dynamics, when faced with such an important and delicate pathology; in fact, it should be noted that when an elastic pantyhose does not perform all its functions in the best possible way, or when the graduated compression is not calculated with suitable parameters, or when the type of yarn is of poor quality, their function fails. , or in most cases the exact opposite effect is obtained, preventing the blood from flowing normally and favoring the formation of edema, slowly leading to degeneration of the tissues of the veins.