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Compression socks for men: Sanyleg new lines

Women and men: different needs?

Pregnancy and the post-partum period (especially that following a caesarean section) are situations in which graduated compression stockings can be a valuable aid to relieve possible discomfort in the legs. Of course, these are exclusively female uses. For this reason, the production of elastic stockings has always been largely addressed to the female audience.
But there are pathologies in which this type of product is an excellent "natural" remedy - in some cases they are even the only remedy that can avoid surgery.
Varicose veins, ulcers and thrombosis are venous diseases that also afflict men. But who thinks of them?
For over 20 years, every day, Sanyleg's "Research and Development" sector has been committed to studying product improvement with the aim of making it more performing and in line with the needs of the user, collaborating with its retailers, with important research institutes and, of course, with end customers.
For this reason, over time, in addition to the production of purely feminine garments, Sanyleg has also decided to turn to men, creating different unisex product lines that, in terms of sizes and colors, are perfectly suited to the needs of both.

Preventive socks at work

Preventive socks at work
A study by the Sport and Exercise Discipline Group, Faculty of Health, University of Technology Sydney, Lindfield, Australia was recently completed entitled “The effects of graduated compression clothing on the execution of prolonged manual work activities and on recovery " (see the summary of the article). The experiment was conducted on a group of male workers in a manufacturing company to study the effects of using graduated compression garments.
Muscle fatigue and perceived effort, thanks to the use of these garments, have been reduced compared to the same activities carried out in their absence.
This study has shown that the use of compression garments can lead to concrete benefits in the workplace, and is a small demonstration that even for men this type of garments could become part of clothing in everyday activities, and however in all those situations in which the legs are subjected to a certain type of stress (for example, even the simple standing at one's workstation during the whole shift).
Often women begin to approach the world of elastic stockings when particular leg diseases are underway. Varicose veins are the classic case of imperfection that leads women (more or less young) to start using compression stockings. These problems also affect men, but in their case the effect is less traumatic since the initial imperfections are easily covered with long pants, therefore, we don't always bother to investigate further. Unfortunately, these "imperfections" are actually a symptom of more serious and already ongoing venous pathologies, which must be thoroughly diagnosed and treated.
To avoid the onset of this type of problems - and their imperfections - the use of compression stockings is recommended for both sexes.

Preventive line for men

Preventive line for men
Thinking about prevention, Sanyleg has developed a line of relaxing knee-highs for men and women. These are knee-highs in cotton, polyamide and elastane, available in different sizes, colors and compression gradations (from light to extra strong). These are garments that can be worn every day, replacing the traditional cotton socks. The range of colors allows combinations suitable for both casual and formal wear.
Naturally, the high and extra strong compression gradations are indicated for those who, after passing the first phase of a simple "sense of heaviness" in the legs, need to prevent or treat the onset of venous and vascular diseases in general.
These are products made with yarns characterized by an extraordinary softness, which guarantee maximum comfort and a long life.

Sports socks with graduated compression

Sports socks with graduated compression
There is another area, in addition to the working one, in which graduated compression is applied to men's clothing: the sports one.
Again, recent studies (such as the April 2016 publication in "Sports Medicine" entitled "Is there any evidence that runners can benefit from wearing graduated compression garments?") Have brought to light the thesis that wearing these clothing can lead to a long-lasting improvement in performance and a decrease in muscle pain, joint damage and inflammation.
Sanyleg creates, in a customizable way, a wide range of products intended for sports, for both men and women, with the possibility of choosing shapes and colors to coordinate with the rest of the equipment.
For more information and details, visit the sections dedicated to preventive socks and sportswear. To find out why varicose veins form, a short video is available. If you would like more details or send suggestions for particular supplies dedicated to the male line, visit the contact section.