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Elastic socks for sport and running

Sanyleg Sport - the new line of elastic stockings dedicated to sports lovers!
Colored elastic socks for sport and free time: discover in this short preview the new and colorful collection of colored graduated compression socks by Sanyleg.
Do you like running and are you looking for a way to improve your performance? Or do you simply want to feel less tired legs at the end of the run?
Sanyleg is able to produce an entire collection of socks dedicated to all sports lovers.
Running, football, cycling, tennis, skiing, volleyball, jogging: when the legs play a decisive role in the success of a match or a simple workout, it is important to treat them well starting from the simplest details - such as socks. For this reason, wearing a pair of compression knee-highs can be useful for those who practice sports, especially for those who have varicose veins or a tendency to varicose veins. Worn during (and after) exertion, they allow for a faster recovery from fatigue.
Made of synthetic fibers, these graduated compression sports clothing are designed to facilitate the dispersion of moisture and allow you to keep the foot dry during activity, even in summer in outdoor workouts.
The principle underlying the effectiveness of these products is the same as that which intervenes in the medical sector: the same technology of the containment and medical stockings has been applied in this case to the sports field. For this reason, the benefits and the immediate sense of relief experienced by those who use elasticized stockings and knee-highs in the preventive and medical fields, are re-proposed to those who want to dedicate themselves to even high-level sports activities without giving up a recovery system. from leg fatigue so simple and affordable for everyone.
For more information and technical details, see the "Sport Series" section dedicated to compression socks for sports use.