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Sportswear with graduated compression

For true sports lovers, Sanyleg has designed and created a new line of graduated compression socks and sportswear.
The details make the difference: to reduce the sense of fatigue due to intense sporting activity and recovery at the end of training, Sanyleg offers a new line of graduated compression sportswear dedicated to those who practice am sport, both at a competitive level.
Those who practice sports frequently know well the sense of well-being that one feels after an intense workout, especially in the case of aerobic activities: running (jogging or running), cycling, cross-country skiing, trekking, football, but also a long walk , and - if practiced indoors - spinning, treadmill and exercise bike.
All activities that - at different levels - subject the legs to severe stress, and which result in the production of lactic acid (a natural slag produced by the body as a result of muscle activity).
Lactic acid brings with it a sense of heaviness in the legs, swelling or even pain, which if on the one hand it is the signal that we have worked so hard - making us feel satisfied with our commitment in our sporting activity - on the other hand not always it can be allowed to slowly fade away.
In fact, we think of those who play sports early in the morning before going to work, or on a lunch break: showing up at the factory or office with tired legs can be decidedly annoying or even counterproductive - for work and for your mood.
If we add to this the presence of venous and varicose problems in the legs, the desire to continue with the workouts is less and less.
The graduated compression sportswear designed and manufactured by Sanyleg allows you to significantly reduce all the side effects of an intense workout, reducing recovery times and favoring the rapid rebalancing of the circulatory system, thus ensuring an appreciable feeling of well-being after each sports session .

The graduated compression sportswear items proposed by Sanyleg include:
  • knee-highs (elastic stockings that reach up to the knee),
  • leggings (without seams, ideal for the containment of the lower limbs)
  • three-quarter socks (ideal for hiking and biking)
  • ankle socks (ideal in combination with boosters, leggings and panties)
  • booster (seamless elastic bands for lower limb compression)
  • bracelets (graudata compression in technical fabric, ideal for muscle containment of the upper limbs)
  • panty (seamless, for complete coverage from the pelvis to the feet, promotes heat exchange for optimal muscle yield)
  • seamless graduated compression sports shirts
Sanyleg manufactures these graduated compression sportswear completely in Italy, in its Castel Goffredo (Mantua) plant..
Each product therefore has the safety and certification of being 100% made in Italy.
Sanyleg is one of the major European producers of graduated compression garments and offers its customers a complete customization service for its products, in the design and colors of each garment.