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graduated compression


How varicose veins are formed

In the lower limbs, the blood from the veins is drained by two venous systems, the superficial and the deep one. The two systems are in communication with each other through the perforating veins, equipped with valves that allow the passage of blood only from the superficial to the deep circulation, and not vice versa.
Varices are the expression of a pathological state characterized in the first place by the dilation of the large superficial veins and the perforating veins.
The causes can be multiple: heredity, foot or posture defects, sex (varicose veins are more common in women), pregnancy, obesity and occupational activities that stand or sit for many consecutive hours.
The graduated compression elastic stockings provide a valid help in the prevention and treatment of varicose veins.

Graduated compression: effective and constant action

Graduated compression: effective and constant action
  • The pleasant sensation of lightness and well-being is achieved with the dynamic action of graduated compression.
  • Blood circulation is gently stimulated to favor the return of venous blood.
  • Compression is decreasing, from the ankle upwards.