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Elastic stockings and cellulite

Good blood circulation guarantees adequate nutritional support for the surrounding tissues; if this is lacking, the blood tends to stagnate more and more in the capillaries present in the adipose tissue, decreasing the nutritional functions.
This process favors a slow but inexorable degeneration of the adipose tissue which turns into cellulite.
Unfortunately, we have lost the habit of operating all those mechanisms that allow normal physiological evolution to overcome this problem. The main cause is given by the nature of our professions, which force us to stand for hours or, on the contrary, forced into a chair for a whole day.
Hence the need for a preventive elastic stocking such as the "restful tights", capable of containing and thus promoting a certain elasticity for the venous flow. This structure, in fact, guarantees a continuous micro-massage even with slight movements of the limbs, thus favoring constant lymphatic and blood drainage thus obtaining a more effective gaseous exchange at the tissue level, restoring tone and lightness to the legs.
The "preventive" aspect is therefore not to be underestimated even in young people, free from any pathological form. In these cases, the use of restful socks creates a stimulating effect aimed at protection and well-being.