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stockings made in Italy

Expomed, March 24-27 2016


We have been to Istanbul, Turkey.
For 22 years, Expomed Eurasia has been the meeting place for health care in Turkey and the surrounding countries of Eurasia. Every year, global medical device and equipment suppliers meet with distributors and healthcare professionals from rapidly growing economies of Southeast Europe, North Africa, the Middle East, Russia and the CIS.

6 reasons to visit EXPOMED

1. INCREASE your MARKET intelligence
Find out what other industry professionals are doing and anticipate future market trends and changes for more accurate strategic forms.
Regenerate and stimulate your inspiration, take a break from the routine and Immerse yourself for 4 days in the best the industry has to offer.
3. MEET over 600 SUPPLIERS in just 3 days
Save time and money. Get the latest equipment and technology from over 1200 global and niche suppliers, all under one roof in 4 days.
4. to discuss, confront and evaluate FORMULATIONS
Find performance solutions with the widest range of specialist medical devices.
5. to develop MEDICAL AND HEALTH CARE knowledge
Discussing with suppliers or attending seminars / workshops, learning of crucial new knowledge is guaranteed.
6.expand your knowledge AND YOUR NETWORK
Seek the advice of qualified experts in the field of medical and surgical technologies.

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