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Graduated compression stockings: what do they do?

The principle underlying these three different types of product is the same: that of "graduated compression".
According to in-depth studies of hemo-dynamics, graduated compression stockings help the correct blood flow in the ascent path from the legs to the heart. The benefit of this micromassage helps prevent stagnation of liquids, varicose veins and promotes muscle oxygenation.
The task of these particular stockings is in fact to stimulate and promote the venous circulation of blood from the legs towards the heart, thus avoiding the onset of problems related to "venous insufficiency" such as, in fact, inflammation of the veins, varicose veins and similar pathologies .
To ensure greater fluidity to the blood, the compression must in fact be "graduated": that exerted by the pantyhose on the vessel walls must be decreasing from the bottom up (in practice: on the foot and ankle we must compress more than the knee to facilitate the ascent of the blood).
Obviously, adequate compression must correspond to each pathological stage, so it is essential to know the types of different products to understand the actual need of each person.
It is important to remember that these are not simply "tight" or particularly "tight" stockings: they are real medical devices carefully studied and designed to prevent or treat, through the different degree of compression exerted on the walls of the veins, possible leg pathologies that can develop in a completely natural way.