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How to wear medical stockings

Wearing this type of garment for the first time can be - apparently - more complicated than expected.
  • Measure the circumference of the leg to identify the correct size (photo 1).
  • Flip the sock up to the heel (figure 2).
  • Put on the first silk sock.
  • Spread the part of the foot with both hands and insert the foot up to the heel.
  • Put on the previously rolled sock over the silk sock, correcting the position of the sweater with the palm of your hand, checking that the compression is spread evenly (figure 5).
  • Pay attention to the heel (figure 6).
  • Unroll the sock completely and accompany it to the correct position by positioning the shirt with the palm of your hand and without ever pulling the top edge of the sock directly *. Finally, remove the silk stocking by pulling it out of the toe (figure 7).
  • Check for wrinkles or folds that can cause discomfort (figure 8).
For more information and a video tutorial on the subject, visit the page: "How to wear therapeutic medical stockings - Video tutorial"