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How to wear therapeutic medical stockings – Video tutorial

Therapeutic medical stockings are widely used for the treatment of venous dysfunctions. In this short video tutorial, here are some basic tips on how to choose the right size and wear them without problems.

Useful tips

  • It is recommended to wear the stocking in the morning as soon as you get up.
  • Protect the socks from contact with oils, creams and ointments that are applied to the legs as part of a medical prescription or for cosmetic reasons.
  • Rough nails or rings with edges can damage the product mesh.
  • If the skin is damp, apply talcum powder to the foot to facilitate the sliding of the sock.
  • To put on the open toe sock, help yourself with the "sock" accessory that may be provided.

Special warnings

Sanyleg compression stockings should only be worn after consultation with your doctor and should only be sold by qualified personnel. If, during the use of the compression stocking, skin pain or irritation appear, remove the stocking immediately and consult your doctor or specialist dealer.

Washing instructions

Sanyleg socks are both hand and machine washable.
Hand wash: use detergents for delicate fabrics. Rinse thoroughly. Don't squeeze. Air dry.
Machine wash: put the garment in special bags or, failing that, use a pillow case. Do not bleach. Do not tumble dry.
Do not dry clean. Do not iron.

Composition of materials

The textile composition of each individual product is indicated on the outside of the package. Below are the materials that make up all our products.
  • CO: Cotton
  • EA: Elastane
  • PA: Polyamide
  • WO: Wool
  • PP: Polypropylene

Product life

Compression stockings have a maximum duration of use of 6 months. Do not exceed the expiration date indicated on the package.
* If it is a pantyhose, follow the same procedure described up to now to bring the pantyhose to knee level on both legs.