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In which sports is the use of graduated compression stockings best suited?

Thinking about circulation during sports activities, attention is focused on the arteries as they provide "energy" to the muscles in the form of oxygen and nutrients in proportion to the intensity and duration of the effort.

Arteries are the vessels that carry blood from the heart to the periphery, but it is the veins that carry blood from the periphery of the body to the heart.

The question that may arise is: why are we talking about veins and arteries?

The answer is very simple: some sports tend to cause an overload of the venous system and among these we find weightlifting and sports that require sudden changes in speed and direction such as tennis and football.

Another sport in which the use of this type of socks is recommended is cycling, as athlete's veins often appear in cyclists, dilated but rarely varicose.

Choosing to wear graduated compression stockings is certainly good, especially for those who practice certain sports activities, but it is always recommended to contact your doctor before using them.