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stockings made in Italy

Ispo Munich 2022 - International Trade Fair for sport items


Ispo Munich 2022 - International Trade Fair for sport items
Sanyleg celebrates the 30th anniversary of its foundation next year.
Alberto Ghelfi, founder, and sole owner, is proud to present several innovations in the field of graduated compression sports socks, increasingly known as the "Compression Energy Sport Socks" at the ISPO fair in Munich.
Right now, Sanyleg is signing an important agreement for a shareholding in one of the most famous and important European brands of Sport Socks, where
Sanyleg is also a supplier.

Sanyleg represents the excellence of Made in Italy.
Always attentive to the changes and needs of the world market, for some years Sanyleg has started important investments to produce compression socks for sports.
Today the need for an ever-higher concept of "Compression energy sport socks", especially at a preventive level in sport, places Sanyleg more and more attentive to the needs of professional athletes but also of an amateur sports audience that prefers daily well-being.
Since the early years Sanyleg has specialized in the production of medical and preventive graduated compression stockings and tights in "private label" and still today this production covers 80% of the entire production. These articles, suitable for preventing circulatory system disorders of the legs (swelling, fatigue, and varicose veins) are then distributed through the most important brands worldwide in Pharmacies and Orthopedics.

Large production capacity, maximum attention to the development of new technologies, highly qualified and competent personnel with proven experience, make Sanyleg an international leader in the production of OEM compression socks.
It exports 90% of its production. Scandinavia, Japan, Germany, Holland are some of the most important countries of interest.

Sanyleg awaits you at stand A3 / 238, from 28 to 30 november 2022, to present the production of compression stockings for medical and sports, preventive and therapeutic use.