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Leg problems due to poor circulation: symptoms and warning signs

Leg problems due to poor circulation: symptoms and warning signs
Veins are blood vessels that have the function of carrying blood from the tissues (for example: from the legs) to the heart. They are equipped with elastic fibers and valves which, thanks to their closing mechanism facing the heart, prevent the backflow of blood downwards since they open only to let the blood flow which is transported towards the heart.
When, for the reasons described below, the function of these valves is compromised and they no longer guarantee tightness ("valve incontinence") allowing the blood to fall back down, the excessive blood pressure in the veins quickly leads to formation of varicose veins and the consequent more or less serious problems and more or less evident symptoms.
Disorders of the circulatory system should definitely not be underestimated.
The first symptoms manifest as mild swelling of the ankles, which is normally thought to be due to weather conditions or a long period of standing. The ailments disappear quickly as soon as the legs are raised.
As the problems worsen, a sense of congestion and pain, or a feeling of agitation, known as "restless legs syndrome" (read more on Wikipedia) also develop.
These symptoms often do not manifest themselves at the initial stage and are the alarm bell for possible and more serious problems.