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compression hosiery manufacturers

Made in Italy

The entire production process, from development to packaging up to product delivery, is carried out by highly qualified personnel, ensuring total control of the entire production process.
The production of socks and sports items takes place 100% in Italy.
All stages of production, processing and analysis of the product are carried out in Italy.
Sanyleg is one of the leading manufacturers of 100% Made in Italy medical socks, and as such pays particular attention to the continuous development of new products, trying to maintain a competitive advantage while guaranteeing an excellent quality-price ratio.
To achieve a constant high quality level in the final product, yarns are extremely important. Sanyleg collaborates closely with some selected yarn suppliers in Italy, Germany and Switzerland.
By always using the same suppliers, the production conditions remain the same and the quality level can be kept constant. This aspect is very important especially when developing new products because also in this case an excellent quality raw material is always guaranteed, which guarantees the functional and aesthetic characteristics of the final product.
The investment in fine materials has made it possible to achieve important goals in the aesthetic aspect of graduated compression tights and stockings for medical use as well. The "honeycomb" workmanship ensures a very elegant knit, different from the old concept of an elastic sock. The uniformity of the fabric is typical of a high fashion product, with an unmistakable softness.