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Materials and composition of therapeutic stockings

This type of socks is mainly composed of Polyamide and Elasthan yarns. This material offers several advantages, which must be present concurrently to offer a product that is comfortable to use, easily washable, and with a degree of compression absolutely determined at the origin and invariable over time (normally: 18-20 mm / Hg at the ankle ).
These materials are in fact used to obtain the maximum degree of hygiene, guarantee greater effectiveness in the compression treatment and above all - in consideration of the maximum elasticity offered compared to other types of socks - ensure that the sock can be easily worn in critical conditions, such as in the case of patients who have undergone surgery.
As a rule, the yarn is characterized by a particular softness and is anti-allergic because it is latex-free.
They are traditionally white in color and, in almost all cases, are equipped with an inspection hole at the toes.