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20.000 compression socks manufactured per day20.000 compression socks manufactured per day

Our history

The company was founded with the name of MIMOSA SRL in 1993 from an idea of ​​Ida Bombana and her husband Alberto Ghelfi.
On October 20, 2006, Ida Bombana passed away due to a severe and sudden illness.
Today the company has changed its name to Sanyleg srl and is led by Alberto Ghelfi who remains Director and Sole Shareholder. The company has expanded the workforce in the production department with new technicians, investing in new machinery and systems. The sales force has also been intensified: qualified personnel closely follow the international sales network.
Always attentive to the quality system, Sanyleg believes it must focus its future investments increasingly on raw materials and new production technologies to offer its customers innovative and cutting-edge items, at competitive prices. It is necessary to produce articles suitable for well-being and health, attentive to fashion trends, but above all without compromise.
The Sanyleg brand was born from the need to market its own line of articles. A name that is immediately linked to the idea of ​​a medical and pharmaceutical product. In reality, in recent years there has been a great expansion of the range towards articles dedicated to the daily well-being of everyone, both men and women. More and more sophisticated machines have allowed the processing of different yarns, from elastomers and nylon, such as cotton and silk.

Quality policy

Constant commitment to provide our customers with the articles agreed with them, satisfying their needs with efficiency and dynamism, in the established time and in the best possible way, having identified their needs with competence and attention.
Thanks to advanced technology, to a scrupulous and constant search for new yarns and our know-how, operating in the areas where our competence and our human resources allow us to excel, our first goal is to provide the best. products at competitive prices.
We promote the development of the skills and competences of our staff, through innovation, training and the involvement of individuals, in a spirit of mutual growth and interest. In this growth and interest we also involve our suppliers.
We comply with the highest standards in terms of personnel safety, as well as for our protection, for example of guarantee and seriousness for our customers.
  • The continuous development of our skills.
  • The constant improvement of the organization by pursuing the satisfaction of the requirements and maintaining the effectiveness of our quality system.
  • The search for new quality objectives and the constant re-examination of the same.
  • The satisfaction of our customers.
These are the main aspects that distinguish our daily work.
Our history