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Our value is our customer

Sanyleg's goal has always been to meet the expectations of its customers. The Sanyleg customer can always count on excellent service and high quality products, and can count on the quality of products made with respect for people and the environment.
Sanyleg has a stable financial base, which allows for investments in modern technology, research and development to ensure maximum customer satisfaction.

20.000 pairs of compression socks produced every day

To achieve a constant high quality level, yarns are extremely important. Sanyleg collaborates closely with some selected yarn suppliers in Italy, Germany and Switzerland. By always using the same suppliers, the production assumptions remain the same and the quality level can be kept at a constant level. In the development of new products, collaboration with yarn suppliers is also very important in order to be able to discuss the different characteristics necessary to obtain a certain quality or functionality in the final product.
The temperature in the production hall is kept at a constant 25 degrees Celsius with 65% humidity.
This is to ensure that the characteristics of the yarns do not change. Before going into production, all yarns are conditioned for 48 hours. Electronic measuring devices ensure the correct tension of the threads when they are fed into the knitting machine. A production capacity of 20,000 compression stockings per day is ensured by 176 knitting machines with the latest technologies that work 24 hours a day, 5 days a week.

Compression test

Sanyleg also has a well-equipped laboratory capable of carrying out compression tests to ensure the correct functionality of a compression sock.
After production, the socks are washed and dried in the dryer. This ensures that the fibers stabilize and that the elastane regains its characteristics. The socks will not change in size or shape when they are subsequently washed. They are then ironed and quality assured before being packed and delivered.

Sustainable packaging

Sanyleg can offer different types of packaging, for example open or closed cardboard packaging or another solution requested by the customer.
Sanyleg is committed to reducing the use of plastic by studying packaging with a lower environmental impact. We strongly believe that everyone's commitment can help create a better world for us and for future generations. We strive to create packaging with completely recyclable materials and possibly with recycled and recyclable plastic that have a low environmental impact.
Each solution is designed together with the customer to best meet their needs, to ensure packaging that reflects the brand identity and environmental, social and economic sustainability.