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Preventive cotton socks

Preventive Cotton Line

Soft cotton knee-highs, combined with elastic yarns to ensure correct graduated compression. The experience gained in the hosiery and tights sector has been wisely used to create a range of unisex socks in soft cotton dedicated to daily well-being.
Four variations of solid colors make this item extremely versatile and comfortable, for both men and women.
We have dedicated particular effort to this range of cotton items, paying attention to the extreme quality of the yarns, to the creation of a very soft elastic cuff, with high expandability, precisely to ensure maximum comfort and well-being that is perceived throughout. the day. Again, four different compression levels are available.
Light Compression Level 6-10 mm / Hg. at the ankle
Relaxing socks for men and women, for daily well-being and comfort.

Moderate Compression Level 14-16 mm / Hg. at the ankle
Helps prevent discomfort and heaviness in the legs.

Strong Compression Level 15-21 mm / Hg. at the ankle
Helps prevent the onset of venous pathologies.

Very Strong Compression Level 25-27 mm / Hg. at the ankle
As a valuable aid in the treatment of vascular pathologies.