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graduated compression preventive stockings

Preventive Hosiery

The new generation of preventive socks

The best graduated compression stockings
The resting knee-high with graduated compression is suitable for any person, both for those who remain in an upright or sitting position for many hours, or for those who carry out sports activities, allowing a quick functional recovery of blood circulation, preventing the formation of varicose veins and heaviness or swelling of the legs.
Soft and elastic in the strap, it remains well adherent to the calf avoiding annoying narrowing but without going down.
Sanyleg graduated compression stockings have a real pendulum heel. The production of this type of bead is carried out only by means of machines with a "reciprocating motion" system.

The real heel guarantees:

  • A perfect placement of the heel in the heel pocket, favoring greater stability of the sock, thus avoiding rolling while walking.
  • The exact positioning at the point of maximum compression.
  • A wider fit and elasticity in the circumference of the ankle, thanks to the famous "heel pocket", designed for the placement of the heel.
Preventive Hosiery