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Production of graduated compression socks: what kind of “private label” stockings can Sanyleg make?

Sanyleg and the private label

Sanyleg and the private label
Sanyleg is one of the largest graduated compression hosiery manufacturers globally. The numbers speak for themselves: the constant growth of production and exports, and the growing appreciation by its customers - which over time confirm the trust placed in the company - are important signs that allow us to understand and interpret the needs of the markets every day. and constantly provide new answers.
Sanyleg products are used in different fields:
- in the medical field (such as anti-thrombosis devices before, during and after surgery and pregnancy),
- in the sports field (where, in addition to socks, the production of sweaters and panties is active to promote heat exchange and muscle cool-down)
- in everyday life (as in the case of restful knee-highs, designed to replace everyday socks by offering the constant benefits of elastic compression for both men and women).
It is important to remember that Sanyleg makes most of its production with the “private label” formula. This means that, in the world, Sanyleg products are offered to the end consumer market with different brands, sometimes better known both in the health sector, in the sports one, and in the "relaxation" one.
The company has been known for decades in these sectors and is able to guarantee the highest quality and maximum commercial discretion at the same time. For this reason, when a brand, in the world, decides to launch a new line of graduated compression hosiery on the market with its own brand, it is almost inevitable that Sanyleg is one of the first choices to focus on for this type of operation.

Different regulations, one answer: quality

Although they are entirely made in Italy, the “Made in Italy” qualification alone is not enough to guarantee a high degree of quality and the possibility of marketing these products as medical devices. Different nations have different regulations regarding standards in the production of medical stockings. This is why Sanyleg is able to offer its customers, who need to market this type of product all over the world, specific qualifications capable of meeting the highest quality standards.
The rules can change from country to country, and undergo variations over time even within the same country. For this reason, the best choice for a customer who wants to enter the world of graduated compression with his own brand is to turn to a high-level manufacturer: if the production is done with state-of-the-art machines and technologies, the product quality will always exceed the standards required by regulations, protecting production from any regulatory variation.
For more information on the certifications of individual Sanyleg products, contact us

Custom stretch sportswear

Sanyleg is able to design and produce graduated compression items:
knee-highs, stockings, ankle socks, leggings, boosters, bracelets, panties, leg loops, allow every sportsman to have complete graduated compression clothing suitable for every need.

Customizations available

Sanyleg produces in Italy, at its own factory, all the garments of its collections - both in sports and in the medical field. This allows customers to request even the most extreme customizations in terms of graphics and colors.
For this reason it is possible to create customized garments with logos, shapes, colors and graphics as desired. But also packaging, leaflets and explanations completely branded at the request of the customer.
Pharmaceutical companies spread all over the world and sports and clothing brands know that Sanyleg is a reliable partner, a historic company that has made quality its distinctive trait, able to give concrete answers and also to supply large quantities of customized elastic stockings in certain times.
If you wish to request a quote for the private label production of graduated compression clothing, do not hesitate to contact us.