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We run to win: Sanyleg new generation elastic stockings

Quality cannot be improvised. Sanyleg manufactures elastic stockings for the best brands worldwide.
“I have a great passion for this job.
Those who enter our company can immediately perceive the sense of belonging that all people have in this company.
There is total collaboration: everyone tends to do the best of themselves.
I personally guarantee the articles, the quality, the sincerity, the transparency, the fact of producing everything internally.
The thing that sometimes comes naturally to me when we are contacted by new customers is to invite them to see how we produce: to invite them to see how we produce, to invite them above all to understand the feeling that exists between us in the pursuit of perfection.
I started this business in 1993. The main goal was to create a company producing graduated compression hosiery with real heel with excellent quality.
It has always been our main goal: we have made big investments to achieve quality.
It is very important to keep the temperature at 26 ° C and humidity at 68%, always constant, summer and winter.
We invest heavily in new machinery every year. We have worked to search for raw materials and people able to follow us in order to study new yarns, with alternative technologies.
We must never be satisfied: we must always think that we have before us the possibility of creating something new, something that can give our customers the strength to win on the market.
The pursuit of perfection, therefore, is a goal that we set ourselves every day: the market today requires an evasion of the product in ever shorter times.
We export 90% of our production - mainly to private labels. In fact, we work for our customers' brands.
Sanyleg represents an expanding company capable of producing 20,000 pairs of elastic stockings per day. Graduated compression socks customized and studied together with our customers, which allow us to meet the needs of the main brands worldwide.
Customer satisfaction is our pride and gives us a constant push to always have to give something more.
We are racing to win: today I can be proud to represent a world-leading company, a company, a family, a pool of people who are not only part of it but are its creators. "
- Alberto Ghelfi -