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Sanyleg - Italian Heritage

Alberto Ghelfi - Owner/CEO Sanyleg
Our customers are leaders in their target market and our task is to support them for always keeping this level. Manufacturing our socks for us is not a job but a passion. We carefully select each yarn supplier and we are entrusting a few historical partners now. With pride today Sanyleg can be considered an industrial reality that produces totally made in Italy products with artisanal quality. We produce in private label for the most important international brands. Eco-sustainability is a deeply established concept in Sanyleg, such as quality. There are no exceptions or compromises to these concepts. We prefer inviting customers to the company in order to show the passion and quality of each stage of production.
Cristina Marocco - Sales Manager
Our clients appreciate the style and approach we have for the realization of their projects. They appreciate who we are and how we work. We are able to satisfy all their customized requests. We want to be transparent with our customers because we want to establish long lasting relationships. We want to show them how our products are made and to satisfy every need they have. If I had to describe Sanyleg with three adjectives I would say: dynamic, reliable and innovative.
Fabio Aparo - Business Consultant & Member of Board of Directors
I carry out a consultancy activity for companies and I try make available my thirty-year professional experience and know-how. I immediately found myself in tune with Alberto and Cristina and all the staff in this constant attention and striving for excellence, which is made available to customers. In synthetic but very representative terms, I believe it can be said that in Sanyleg the distinctive traits are certainly the pursuit of excellence and the sense of belonging.
Giovanni Schiavi - Production Manager
I have been working in Sanyleg since 1996 and have experienced the entire evolution of the company. For me it represents my life, because I grew up here. The great feeling with Alberto is the basis of our cooperation. I deal with the production starting from research and development up to the creation of a wide range of graduated compression products. With 180 machines we can consider ourselves one of the main European private label hosiery factories.
Paola Panizza - Quality Control
I am in charge of quality control in the company. We carry out acceptance tests to certify the conformity of the product and to always guarantee the requirements demanded by customer. Our satisfaction is that our customers all over the world are happy with what we do and how we manage things; this encourages us to always improve, day by day.
Claudia Morandi - Accounting Manager
I have been working in Sanyleg since 2013 and I take care of the administrative and regulatory part. Here I found a solid reality but with great potential. Together we share a path of growth with always new goals to be achieved.
Patrizia Zanini - Laundry & Packing Department Manager
Our product is taken to the washing and ironing department. In this phase, measures and compressions are checked before packaging.
This is to have a constant guarantee of our quality.

Alberto Ghelfi – Owner/CEO Sanyleg
Uncompromising quality. With a pinch of pride we can guarantee made in Italy in this way