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20.000 compression socks manufactured per day20.000 compression socks manufactured per day

Sanyleg: quality has a history

At the beginning of 1993, Sanyleg invested a lot of resources to achieve excellent quality standards and to respond with seriousness and professionalism to the physical problems of the legs, ankles and feet.
Already in the early nineties, the company had been producing elastic tights of good manufacture for many years and with several more prerogatives than the competition. By strengthening its Research and Development department, it was possible to raise the quality level of the socks even more to offer products that could give greater guarantees and greater benefits.
In addition to adopting cutting-edge technologies and availing itself of the advice of specialist medical personnel, Sanyleg has carried out a careful analysis of the graduated compression products on the market. In many cases it was found that the elasticity of the jersey was totally insufficient and unsuitable for the pathologies to be treated and for which medical stockings are prescribed.
Thus began a research and experimentation aimed at obtaining a high quality sock that had a different degree of compression on the leg, to perform the function of regulating blood flow correctly.
Defining and calculating the different degree of compression of the sock was goal number 1.
An indispensable prerequisite was to study a product that could help the various pathologies of people with different physical characteristics. Tall, short, thin, overweight or simply sturdy people cannot have the same physical characteristics and therefore, differentiating the stockings according to the different types of subjects was essential to create graduated compression stockings with correct compression for different circumferences and sizes. .
Using excellent quality yarns and an electronically measured decreasing compression parameter, Sanyleg has been able to create a compression sock with active elasticity in every degree and in every reference point, guaranteed by an extreme fit and softness at the same time.
The differentiated compression along the leg was calculated with extreme care and adjusted on the basis of continuous tests and trials carried out by technical personnel and medical personnel specialized in vascular surgery.
To offer an excellent product, Sanyleg has also paid attention to the upper part of the tights, guaranteeing a comfortable slip in every point, with great adaptability according to the different types of people, thanks to a shaping sheath made up of a combined series of yarns that together they create a very comfortable and robust band at the same time.
This type of "slip" detects with absolute elasticity any variation in the shape of the hips and buttocks, carefully adapting to them, generating a feeling of well-being and promoting lymphatic and blood drainage.
To favor this procedure in the best possible way, a waist belt with a high edge has been created, avoiding annoying and, also in this case, counterproductive narrowing in the most delicate parts.