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Support stockings for free time and work

Support stockings for free time and work
The “restful” or “preventive” stockings are garments characterized by a lower degree of compression than the homologues used in hospital and sports fields. This is because they have been designed to be worn for long periods and offer a feeling of comfort over time.
They are particularly suitable as a device for the recovery of fatigue after sporting activities, but also - and above all - in work environments where you are required to stand for a long time: shop assistants, cashiers, hairdressers, nurses, cooks, waiters and workers assembly lines are just some of the many professions that involve long standing periods.
A recent study published in the "Scandinavian Journal of Work, Environment & Health" entitled "Standing at work and varicose veins" reports that these diseases primarily include varicose veins due to venous insufficiency - one of the top ten causes of hospitalization in Denmark.
Support stockings for free time and work
The high degree of softness of these garments is also due to the composition of the yarn, particularly rich in cotton (over 65%), and which therefore makes these socks a perfect replacement for everyday socks for both men and women.


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