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sustainable production


As a passionate sailor, the owner and director of Sanyleg Alberto Ghelfi has always lived respecting nature and the environment. Sanyleg continuously works to minimize the environmental impact of its production and products.
Important actions have been carried out on this philosophy:
• Sanyleg has OEKO-TEX certification, as do all its raw material suppliers.
• The heat produced by the knitting machines is recycled to heat the water used for the washing machines as well as to heat parts of the building.
• The water from the washing machines is treated with an additional purification system before being fed into the public sewer system.
• To minimize energy consumption, special windows and roofs have been installed in the building.

Production process

Sanyleg, one of the world's leading manufacturers of compression hosiery, is constantly striving to improve its production processes.

The focuses on which Sanyleg is focused and which represent milestones are:
- Reduction of energy consumption;
- Systematic and structured verification of the correct use of resources to avoid any kind of waste;
- Traceability of finished products;
- Support for the short supply chain.

Some examples of actions taken:
  • The internal handling of goods takes place using electric means of transport in order to guarantee zero carbon dioxide emissions.
  • All cartons used for handling crude oil (about 30% of consumption) are reused at least twice.
  • The heat generated by the knitting machines is recycled and used to heat the water in the washing machines and to heat parts of the building.
  • Air conditioning systems use gases that are not considered harmful to the stratospheric ozone.
  • A new tank was recently built for the collection and subsequent purification of the discharges generated by the washing machines.

Materials and short supply chain

An important part of Sanyleg's sustainable development policy concerns its short supply chain.
Sanyleg products have always been developed and produced entirely in the Castel Goffredo stocking district.
Limiting the circulation of goods reduces polluting emissions.
The quality standards that Sanyleg has set itself, assisted by the choice of quality raw materials, have allowed it to obtain the UNI EN ISO 9001, UNI EN ISO 13485, UNI EN ISO 14001 certifications; all the raw materials used in the production of the socks are Oeko-tex certified.

Recycled nylon

Sanyleg's latest challenge is to increase the use of eco-sustainable yarns. Sanyleg started a collaboration with ECONYL by producing compression stockings made from recycled nylon. The process begins with the recovery of waste such as carpets, fishing nets, plastic waste stored on the ocean floor and in landfills. Through a process of regeneration and purification this material is reprocessed resulting in the obtainment of a new nylon with the same characteristics as the non-recycled one. For every 10,000 tons of ECONYL® raw material used, 70,000 barrels of crude oil are saved and 57,000 tons of CO2 emissions can be avoided.

Sustainable packaging

Sanyleg is committed to reducing the use of plastic by studying packaging with a lower environmental impact. We strongly believe that everyone's commitment can help create a better world for us and for future generations. We strive to create packaging with completely recyclable materials and possibly with recycled and recyclable plastic that have a low environmental impact.
Each solution is designed together with the customer to best meet their needs, to ensure packaging that reflects the brand identity and environmental, social and economic sustainability.