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production of socks in private label

Your compression socks line for wellness and sports

Create your own line of personalized and private label socks for wellness and sport quickly and easily!
We want to make the process of purchasing our products as smooth and effortless as possible. The process to synthesize your sock line is in the following steps:
  • Choice of products to include in your product range. In addition to medical stockings, Sanyleg has developed functional products for various sports activities. The materials and functionality of the socks have been tested to make sure they meet very high quality requirements.
  • Choice of the graphic design to be applied to the products, as well as the colors and positioning of the logo and / or other graphic elements.
  • Sanyleg will provide a sample of products for the approval of the specific line created for your needs.
  • The next step is choosing the type of packaging. Sanyleg can offer different types of packaging, for example open or closed cardboard packaging or bags. Sanyleg takes care of ordering the packaging material and creating the packaging of your choice.
  • To facilitate market introduction, Sanyleg provides key sales arguments, product texts and technical documentation for each product. This can be used as a basis for your communication. 
Sanyleg produces compression stockings and sports items of the highest quality, made with fine yarns from selected manufacturers and with which there is a transparent and long-lasting relationship. The harmony with raw material supplier partners is essential to obtain a product in line with Sanyleg standards of undisputed quality and with the values ​​of sustainability.
Sanyleg is attentive to the needs of the customer and is in tune with the brand's mission to have the right placement of the product on the market.
Experience, flexibility and production capacity guarantee the Sanyleg customer the availability of an attentive and always present partner.