Code of ethics

At Sanyleg, we recognize that adhering strictly to the rules of our Code of Ethics is necessary to promote the interests and rights of our customers, employees, and suppliers. Furthermore, we acknowledge that organizational effectiveness and harmony depend primarily on the quality, commitment, and responsibility of the individuals involved.

Through the Code of Ethics, Sanyleg aims to disseminate the company’s core values and fundamental principles that guide its organization. We reject any business practice contrary to the principles and rules outlined within our Code of Ethics.
Code of ethics

Sanyleg's ethical objectives

Towards Sanyleg
A solid financial foundation, accompanied by robust profitability, allows the company to generate innovation and development independently. This supports the growth of new projects and provides the ability to adapt to changes and new market demands.
Towards Clients
Understanding the needs of customers fully is crucial to providing adequate production and ensuring the highest possible quality at fair costs. The goal is to bring all aspects of the business to the highest levels, continually improving quality, productivity, and support services. As a leader in the production of medical stockings entirely made in Italy, we are committed to the continuous development of new articles, always maintaining a high quality-to-price ratio and carefully monitoring the competition.
Towards Employees

Ensuring consistently high levels of  health and safety in the workplace is a priority. We promote and value the experience, excellence, skills, and creativity of all employees, caiming to improve the operational and commercial performance of the company. We also guarantee fair compensation, aligned with the national or local reference context.


Towards Technological development
We constantly promote research and development projects to support innovation and enhance the competitiveness of our company in an evolving textile sector.
Towards Environment
We are actively committed to preventing and minimizing the environmental impact of our activities and products, adopting all necessary measures for their protection. We are dedicated to waste reduction and the conscious use of energy and non-renewable raw materials. We comply with and respect the standards required by regulations, actively promoting initiatives aimed at reconciling environmental protection with the production process.
Towards Community
Our financial solidity, supported by solid profitability, allows us to promote innovation and development internally, supporting the growth of new projects. This enables us to adapt to changes and new market demands, maintaining our leadership position.
Towards Suppliers
For Sanyleg, the relationship with suppliers is based on principles of transparency, fairness, and quality. We collaborate exclusively with partners who share our values of environmental sustainability, social responsibility, and innovation. We demand respect for human rights and ethical management in suppliers’ operations, promoting a safe and dignified working environment. We favor open and collaborative communication, with regular performance checks to ensure compliance with agreed standards. Our commitment is to create long-term relationships based on mutual trust and shared success .