High-level sports apparel should offer more than just fit. Our graduated compression socks are designed to maximize athletic performance.

By combining our extensive experience in medical compression with the integration of new technologies, we have created a unique line of products.

Every detail of our products is optimized, from the selection of fibers used to the design of individual products, always with the goal of meeting the specific needs of our customers. We place the needs of the customer at the center of the entire process, ensuring unparalleled performance excellence.

The result is sports apparel that not only enhances performance , but also utilizessustainable and cutting-edge materials, perfectly suited for even the most demanding athletes.


Essential features of effective compression sport socks

Infografica sui benefici delle calze a compressione graduate sportive
The graduated decreasing compression applied by the sports sock promotes venous return, improving blood circulation in the legs during physical activity. This can help reduce muscle fatigue and improve performance.
The soft, non-restrictive cuff ensures optimal comfort without excessively squeezing the leg, reducing the risk of discomfort or injury during physical activity.
The mesh of the sports sock, computer-designed, is designed to perfectly adhere to the leg without slipping during physical activity ensuring a secure and comfortable fit.
The ergonomically designed shape of the sports sock ensures a comfortable fit around the calf, offrendo providing support and stability during physical activity.
The real anatomical heel of the sports sock offers optimal support and a snug fit around the heel, improving stability and reducing the risk of blisters or abrasions.
The thermal sole of the sports sock promotes foot ventilation, keeping it cool and dry during physical activity, thus reducing the risk of excessive sweating and the formation of bad odors.
The soft toe with flat seam reduces the risk of irritation or blisters on the toes during physical activity, ensuring optimal comfort.
Extra protection on the back of the foot, educes the risk of abrasions or injuries during physical activity.
High elasticity in the arch of the foot provides additional support and a snug fit under the arch of the foot, improving during physical activity.








No limits to research and development

The quality of a product largely depends on the yarn used. We work closely with selected yarn suppliers in Europe. Thanks to this constant collaboration, production conditions remain the same, and the level of quality can be maintained consistently over time.

In the development of new products, this cooperation is equally important in order to discuss the different characteristics necessary to achieve quality and functionality in the final product. We possess the technologies that allow us to offer a wide range of socks for different activities, so that we can always adapt to the needs of our customers.

Lightweight and technologically advanced

By using a wide range of meshes and selected fibers, each product contains cutting-edge textile technologies. From denier classification to jacquard meshes, we maximize the performance of fibers to offer a lightweight and highly performing product.


Mulesing-free merino wool, used for our products destined for winter sports, makes our products extremely sustainable. Additionally, compression stimulates circulation, maintaining body temperature and further increasing the effectiveness of such garments during physical activity.

Breathable and insulating

The use of yarns like Dryarn allows the body to remain dry and cool during physical activity, maintaining natural body temperature. Additionally, compression helps to insulate the body from the cold during winter sports.

Comfort and support

Graduated compression, balanced with excellent elasticity through the use of elastane, ensures optimal comfort during physical activity. The soft toe with flat seam reduces the risk of irritation or blisters, ensuring that the socks follow the foot’s movements naturally.


We use and promote the use of sustainable yarns, such as organic cotton, mulesing-free wool, and yarns obtained from the recycling of plastic bottles.

Muscle recovery

Wearing compression socks helps speed up the recovery process after physical activity. By increasing blood flow, the socks ensure that lactic acid and other toxins are effectively transported away from the muscles, allowing them to recover more quickly.

Injury prevention

Wearing compression socks during physical activity provides muscle support and reduces vibrations that can lead to muscle fatigue. This support can also help prevent shin splints and muscle injuries, improving overall performance during physical activity.


A simple and quick way to launch your line of compression sports socks


Define the range of products

We have carefully structured a variety of products to meet the needs of different sports activities. Our socks are the result of thorough testing and guarantee high performance and quality.. You can choose the products that best fit your line.


Customize the graphic design

You have the freedom to customize the design of your products, from colors to logo placement. Let your creativity shine to the fullest.


Product trial

Before production, we will send you a sample for approval, ensuring that everything is exactly as you desire.


Packaging choice

We offer various packaging options, from classic boxes to practical plastic bags. It will be easy to find the solution that best fits your needs. Provide us with the design you prefer, and we will take care of printing and ordering the packaging material.


Sales support

To facilitate your market introduction, we will provide you with all the necessary sales tools, from technical documentation to key points to communicate the benefits of our products effectively.


Delivery times

Thanks to an efficient forecasting program and our raw material warehouse, we are able to significantly reduce the delivery times of your orders.