The graduated compression socks produced by Sanyleg integrate arious cutting-edge technologies to ensure maximum comfort, effectiveness, and adaptability. The socks ensure a uniform and comfortable fit thanks to the use of technical materials that offer resistance to wear and breathability, along with circular knitting techniques that employ innovative fabrics designed to improve blood flow and reduce the risk of clots and swelling. The ergonomic design naturally follows the shape of the leg, providing optimal support, while features such as temperature control, regulated elasticity, and reinforcement zones further contribute to the durability and effectiveness of the socks.

Explore Sanyleg’s technologies: from honeycomb structure to smooth knit, discover innovative solutions for a variety of needs. Delve into anti-embolism and therapeutic technologies, recommended by medical professionals for leg health. Finally, for athletes, sports compression socks offer ideal support to enhance performance during physical activity and promote muscle recovery after exertion.

Honeycomb Structure

The honeycomb structure is a type of fabric processing used in graduated compression socks to improve blood circulation and increase comfort. This particular structure consists of small cells designed to provide homogeneous compression on the surface of the skin, ensuring effective leg support. In addition to promoting circulation, the honeycomb structure also promotes leg ventilation and breathability, helping to keep the skin dry and prevent skin irritation.

The honeycomb structure represents a versatile technology suitable for everyday use, both during work activities and leisure time. It has been specifically designed to meet the needs of a clientele increasingly attentive to leg comfort and health, offering optimal support and a feeling of well-being on every occasion.


Ribbed Knit Pattern

The ribbed pattern with ribbing is part of the preventive line, maintaining the characteristics of comfort and breathability that distinguish it. The ribbing, with its versatility and availability in a range of styles, adds a touch of elegance and functionality to each product. However, what truly makes this technology unique is the possibility of complete customization: you can choose from a wide range of unique and tailor-made designs, ranging from classic to contemporary, to give each product a unique design.


Anti-embolism socks are designed to reduce the risk of deep vein thrombosis (DVT) and pulmonary embolism, caused by blood clots in the deep veins. Characterized by gradual compression, breathable fabrics, and adequate length, they offer comfort and protection. Prescribed by medical professionals,they are especially recommended for those who are immobilized for long periods, following surgery, to prevent blood clots.


Therapeutic Weaving

The therapeutic line of socks addresses a wide range of leg health issues, such as venous insufficiency and varicose veins. Prescribed by specialist doctors, they offer graduated compression to promote blood flow and reduce swelling. Made with advanced materials, they ensure comfort and durability. The variety of lengths and styles allows patients to choose the best option. Some socks have inspection points to monitor the skin. Medical prescription is often required for purchase and use. Essential in the treatment and management of circulatory problems, they provide support and comfort for leg well-being.

Smooth Knit

Smooth knit è is a common weaving structure in hosiery production, characterized by a uniform surface without raised patterns or designs. Made with various yarns such as cotton, nylon, and lycra, this knit uses the jersey stitch as the basic unit, offering elasticity and adaptability to the shape of the leg. Its structure promotes breathability, keeping the skin dry and comfortable. With a smooth and pattern-free surface, smooth knit is versatile and suitable for a wide range of hosiery styles, ensuring resistance and durability over time. Appreciated for its comfort and elegance, it is a common choice for various types of clothing.

Sport line

Sports compression socks are designed to improve performance, reduce the risk of injuries, and promote muscle recovery during physical activity. Additionally, they apply graduated pressure from the ankle upwards, improving blood flow and reducing fatigue. This muscular support also reduces muscle vibrations, improving stability and strength. The socks help prevent leg swelling, offering comfort and accelerating post-exercise recovery. Made with breathable materials and ergonomic design, they adapt to the shape of the leg. Available in various lengths and styles, they are recommended for athletes, but effectiveness may vary from person to person, so consultation with experts is always recommended.


Choose your customization

We are committed to providing comprehensive customization services, ensuring customer satisfaction. Thanks to the use of the best technologies in the skilled hands of our team, we work carefully and precisely with selected materials, even achieving the most complex results. Our deep experience and dedication llow us to carefully consider every detail and preference, ensuring the creation of socks that fully reflect the individual needs of each customer.