Discover our dedicated line for thromboembolism prophylaxis, designed to offer protection before, during, and after surgery and in high-risk situations. Our anti-embolism socks are designed to reduce the risk of deep vein thrombosis (DVT) and pulmonary embolism, two serious complications caused by blood clots in the deep veins. Thanks to the decreasing graduated compression and breathable fabrics, these socks are a valuable ally in preventing blood viscosity increase and reducing the risk of clots. Our attention to the high elasticity of the yarns ensures optimal fit and proper compression graduality, ensuring comfort and protection throughout the period of use. Prescribed by medical professionals, anti-embolism socks are especially recommended for those who need to remain immobilized for long periods, such as after surgery, actively contributing to preventing blood clots and maintaining vascular health.
autoreggente antiembolismo Sanyleg
Anti-embolism knee-high stocking

“Antithrombotic” knee-high stocking with inspection hole. In nylon and elastane.

Autoreggente antiembolismo Sanyleg
Anti-embolism Stay ups

“Antithrombotic” stocking with inspection hole and silicone lace band.

Monocollant Antiembolismo Sanyleg
Antiembolism full leg stocking

Ambidextrous “antithrombotic” full mono leg stocking with inspection hole and adjustable belt.