A history of
30+ years

Sanyleg is the global benchmark in medical and sports compression stockings.

For years, we have been committed to the production and distribution of high quality products using the best technologies and materials. Our dedication to wellness and health is reflected in every thread we weave, carrying on Italian tradition and excellence.
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The story

Sanyleg's history

Behind the success of every great company lies a story of determination and passion. In 1993, the entrepreneurial idea of Ida Bombana and her husband Alberto Ghelfi took shape with the founding of Mimosa Srl, a company determined to distinguish itself in the field of medical socks. However, in 2006, destiny struck hard with the sudden passing of Ida Bombana. Under the tenacious leadership of Alberto Ghelfi, the company reaffirmed its mission by taking the name Sanyleg Srl and proudly continuing its commitment to excellence and innovation. Through a constant focus on quality and attention to detail, Sanyleg expanded its production department and consolidated its commercial presence internationally. Today, the company directs its investments towards advanced raw materials and innovative production technologies, thus keeping its commitment to quality and leadership in the industry alive.
our aim

Excellence and Made in Italy service

Our commitment has always been to provide our customers not only with the agreed-upon items but also to exceed their expectations with efficiency, dynamism, and punctuality. Identifying their needs with competence and attention is fundamental to us.

Thanks to ur advanced technology, continuous research into new yarns, and our consolidated know-how in the sector, we constantly strive to offer the best products at competitive prices, without ever compromising on quality. We are an Italian company committed to upholding the tradition and excellence of Made in Italy. This allows us to guarantee not only the highest quality of our products but also to support the Italian industry and promote the prestige of our country internationally.

Filati made in Italy
square meters of production area
Production capacity
pairs of socks per day
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Exporting to over
countries worldwide
our mission

Technology, comfort, and customization

Our mission is to provide our commercial partners with high-quality medical and sports socks, using cutting-edge technologies and premium materials supplied by the best yarn manufacturers in Europe. We are committed to ensuring durable and comfortable products tailored to the specific needs of our customers and end consumers.
our vision

Innovation, sustainability, and customer satisfaction

We aim to be a benchmark for innovation and sustainability, developing cutting-edge solutions that respect the environment, people, and consumers’ health. Furthermore, we strive to strengthen our relationships with customers by offering speed and flexibility in responding to their needs, and creating added value through talent and creativity, ensuring maximum satisfaction for our commercial partners.

Passion allows us to endure bitterness and sacrifices that ambition would never justify in any way.
Enzo Ferrari


A team with decades of experience in textiles

We promote the development of our team’s skills through innovation, training, and individual involvement, in a spirit of mutual growth and interest.. We are committed to respecting the highest safety standards for our staff, ensuring our safeguarding, and conveying assurance and seriousness to our customers.
years of experience
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