Terapeutica tramata

Discover our therapeutic line of socks, specially designed to address a wide range of leg health issues. Thanks to a special processing, these socks offer a “covering” appearance without compromising maximum elasticity. Continuous research in yarns has allowed us to develop a knit that not only maintains its elasticity but also gives a pleasant appearance to the sock. Prescribed by specialist doctors, therapeutic socks are a reference point for the treatment of the most important venous pathologies. Available in three compression classes and with options of open and closed toe, these socks offer a customized solution for every need. Their advanced design promotes blood flow, reduces swelling, and provides lasting comfort.
gambaletto terapeutico
Therapeutic knee-high stocking

Therapeutic knee-high stocking with open toe graduated compression and anti-restriction cuff.

calza elastica terapeutica
Therapeutic Stay Ups

Therapeutic stocking with graduated compression lace top and open toe.

collant elastici terapeutici
Therapeutic pantyhose

Pantyhose with open toe graduated compression and high elasticity brief.